Nearly 200 people gathered at the new Blue Sky Recovery Center last week to officially cut the ribbon on Rowan County’s only addiction recovery center designed for women.

Formerly the Sunrise Children’s Services building on Cranston Road, employees, clients, and local government officials gathered in celebration of a much-needed addition to the community, according to the center’s director Cassie Jones.

“Hearing laughter in the house for the first time and reuniting kids with their families is what drives the Blue Sky Recovery Center,” Jones said. “If you’ve worked in this field you know what it’s like to hear a recovering addict get their laugh back. It’s something special.”

The 16-bed facility is meant to be the first stop for women going into the recovery program.

The house has been open for 30 days but Jones considered the ribbon cutting last Wednesday as their official grand opening.

“As a city, as a mother, as an elected official,” said Morehead Mayor Laura White-Brown. “We thank all of you for the work you do to improve our community every day. This is going to impact so many people coming in and out of these doors and we appreciate you all so much.”

Jones said clients will be given the opportunity to clear their head in a more secluded location with staff to help guide them through self-love before going into the community.

“When they come in a lot of them are still withdrawing,” she said. “They are here to stabilize, and get back to loving themselves so they can then eventually get back into the community and love and appreciate their families again.”

After a successful stint in the phase one location, the women will move to the phase two facility in downtown Morehead so they can start being more involved in the community.

“This is the only way that we are going to solve the opioid crisis,” said Ashley Adkins, assistant Rowan County Attorney.

Adkins was noted by Edgewater Recovery Center director Jason Jones as being a vital asset to the county’s war on drugs, helping implement many Casey’s Law cases to help people get the addiction help they need.

“We have to fight it person by person, day by day, step by step,” she said.

The Blue Sky Recovery Center began through the vision of John David Elam and his wife, Myra.

Elam asked Jason to help with the new facility. Originally it was going to be another men’s center before they decided to turn it into a female-only facility.

“When they started to present the idea of opening a female facility they didn't know who they were going to have run in,” said Cassie, a specialist in addiction counseling. “I’m looking forward to pushing others to make changes and get back to being a productive member of society once again.”

Rep. Rocky Adkins concluded the event speaking about his position of sending people suffering from addiction into recovery centers verses behind bars.

“It’s been an honor for me to try to support legislation that I know is going to be helpful,” said Adkins. “To put money in the budget to help families that can’t afford to go into a recovery center for treatment. Its facility’s like these that are so helpful during such a harmful epidemic. I appreciate the efforts of John David and all those who are making this possible. You all are changing lives.”

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