Trcore Grant

Trcore Grant, 26, of Morehead, is wanted for exposing himself to women in two Morehead retail stores.

UPDATE: The Morehead Police Department announced at 1 p.m. on Wednesday that Serena Ross is considered a missing person. Police suspect she is with Trcore Grant and are concerned for Ross' safety and well-being.

The Morehead Police Department has identified a man accused of exposing himself to multiple women at retail stores in Morehead.

Police say last week, Trcore Grant, 26, of Morehead, would ask female shoppers at Walmart and Burke’s Outlet for their opinion on clothes.

When he would go into the dressing room to try on the suggestions, the MPD said he would strip down and open the fitting room door and expose himself to the women.

“He came in, picked out some shorts to try on, went to the fitting room and as he’s walking to the fitting room he asks if she would come and accompany him, to tell him how they look,” MPD Captain Kyle Callahan said.

Grant, who has a warrant out for his arrest, has criminal history in Rowan County. He was arrested in March 2016 and served eight months in jail when he and another were caught burglarizing a home on US 60 West.

He was also arrested in 2012 in Roanoake County, Virginia, for two counts of larceny.

When the MPD made the announcement last week asking for the public’s help in identifying Grant, officers believed he was in the company of Serena Ross, 18.

The MPD has also issued an arrest warrant on Ross for harboring a fugitive and lying to police when questioned about Grant.

Heather Jones, Ross’ mother, reached out to The Morehead News with concerns about the safety of her daughter as she is believed to be with Grant.

Jones said, “I am in no way condoning that she should lie to the police . . . but he has a long list of crimes and it is hard telling what he will do next.”

The mother added that she hasn’t heard from her daughter in a week, nor has any family or friends.

“I’m worried that if she tells Trcore she wants to turn herself in, what he might do then,” she said. “Everyone that knows Serena knows this isn’t like her at all. She always calls the people that she loves.”

MPD Chief Derrick Blevins said that he and Jones have had communication about Ross missing and are taking the proper actions to locate both Grant and Ross.

The MPD said Grant also has ties to the Shelbyville area and has been known to drive a maroon Chrysler 200 with Kentucky license 031VGC.

If you have any information on the location of either Grant or Ross, or any tips on the case, you are encouraged to contact the Morehead Police at 784-7511.

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