SUMMIT Work on the new Boyd County Animal Shelter has been halted due to specific parts of the building not meeting code regulations. As a result, the shelter requires a restart.

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According to, more than 10,000 Kentucky youth were in the foster care system as of March 2019. CASA, a nonprofit organization, helps guide children through the lengthy process of finding permanent families rather than remaining in the foster system. This Christmas, many of these children will receive a unique, handmade quilt as a gift.

Ahhh, the Chinese. We've been unable to enjoy a week's news cycle during past months without getting a [usually non-]update about our relationship with China. We two political, military, and commercial powerhouses are at odds in many ways. The Chinese are very much distinct from us in at least those many different ways. The mere notion of a government's control over the number of children families may have is foreign, to say the least. Incidentally, for 35 years or so, since the 1980s, Chinese families were prohibited from having more than one child without penalty (some penalties much more lasting than money fines, for instance). Now, after big changes in President's Jinping's administration, they're allowed two.

(Columnist’s Note: I have not updated a single thing in this reprint from 2015 — which means the oldest Gen Xers are, alas, no longer under 50. I’m in my late 40s now myself. But every other word of it holds true, a fact that scares me more than I would like to admit.)

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WILLIAMSBURG — This Friday and Saturday over 265 Jeeps are expected to have traveled to Williamsburg from across the United States, and even Canada, to kick off the 26th annual Jeep Jamboree.

Robert Calfee, of Park City, stopped by his favorite retailer, Zack Express, on Sunday to check a stack of lottery tickets he’d accumulated. He said most of the tickets scanned “not a winner” until they came across the one, he’d purchased for Friday’s Mega Millions drawing, according to a press release received in email from Jennifer Cunningham, communications specialist with the Kentucky lottery.

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I found myself standing in "Bucks Hardware" in downtown Jellico on Wednesday. Having lived just up the road in Williamsburg for the majority of my life, I had never been inside the quaint and rustic store. My friend Lori who was visiting from out of town insisted we take the time to go inside so while out "sightseeing" that's exactly what we did.

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ASHLAND Boyd County is just one of 67 counties in Robert Duncan Jr.’s district, but alarming numbers keep it firmly on his radar.

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CORBIN — Thursday evening, the Corbin Board of Education recognized a new program being implemented in the district that allows local community members to mentor students, similar to a Big Brothers Big Sisters type of program.

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Providing a positive male role model for kids is always on Simon Vanderpool’s mind. That’s why the special education teacher at Harrison Elementary in Fayette County decided to start a new program, Books Barbers and Ballers, aimed at helping kids practice their reading skills.

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In late September, police accused a truck driver of having a cellphone mounted on his dash playing a video that was distracting him when his tractor-trailer struck a jeep killing a Bedford man and seriously injuring his passenger.

Recently, my sophomore English class finished reading the tragedy "Antigone," a Greek play involving a strong-willed protagonist who stands up to society and tyranny despite her age and station. Personally, I love the play, and every year enjoy reading it in class. While the words to the script are always the same, the individuals in my classes subsequently change from year to year.

LONDON — The upcoming GJ Smith Showcase, presented by Legacy Nissan, is loaded with talented teams and some familiar faces, and should provide basketball fans across the Tri-County a lot of fun on Friday, Nov. 29, and Saturday, Nov. 30.

CORBIN — Corbin native Mike Huff has just finished his rookie season in the Bassmaster Elite Series and accomplished a life long goal in the process.

State Budget Director John Chilton said Kentucky's tax collections in September decreased nearly $13 million from last year.

Kentucky has the third highest rate of youth obesity in the nation. According to data released Thursday, 93,600 young people ages 10 to 17 have obesity, a rate of 20.8%.

There’s a popular Mandarin (or is it Cantonese?) flavor profile that came to mind while I was drafting notes about this week’s piece. It is truly both sweet and sour to report about one point of social order that enjoys nearly universal favor when it comes to voters’ expectations in the upcoming primary elections: cybercrime. That’s sweet, at least to me, because of its universal appeal as a topic of policy for these potential, future leaders of Kentucky and America.

The opioid crisis has caused plenty of questions, but very few answers have been found so far. On Tuesday afternoon, U.S. Senator Rand Paul joined local leaders in the war against opioids in a round-table discussion of what possible solutions can be found on all levels.

TRI-COUNTY — Every day many residents in the Tri-County go about their daily routines, jumping in their vehicles rushing to work, dropping children off at school, running errands, going to the grocery store, library, after school practices and so forth, often taking their mode of transportation for granted.

In September I announced aggressive changes to Western Kentucky University’s scholarship program, which will nearly double the percentage of our incoming freshman class receiving some type of institutional award.

The man accused of fatally shooting a fellow immigrant, then enlisting his cousin and estranged girlfriend to help burn the body has been sentenced to life in prison.

Fans of Madison County history enjoyed a blast from the past Sunday afternoon. At Union City Park in northwest Madison County, nearly 60 people gathered to witness the unveiling of a memorial marker for Andrew Tribble, one of the nation's great vaudeville performers.

With around 622,360 people in Kentucky labeled as food insecure -- lacking reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food -- 18.6% of those are ages 50 to 59, making the commonwealth the highest ranked for food insecurity in this age range in the nation, according to a Feeding America Report.

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