Morehead State University officials were on hand Thursday, Aug. 16, to help present more than 800 Apple iPads to Mason County high school students. (View photo gallery)

The goal is to increase the effective use of technology in the classrooms.

“We have pushed a different way of leaning,” said Mason County Superintendent Tim G. Moore. “We have moved more to instructional thinking – the students are always reading, writing and talking about purposeful things.

“We didn’t do this to replace something, we did it to enhance things. This is a great day to promote the good and partnership with Morehead State.”

Members of the Mason County community also helped the high school with the passing out of the new computers.

“I think it is a great opportunity for Morehead State to partner with Mason County. The students are excited about the iPads and the technology that it will bring into the classroom,” said President Wayne D. Andrews.

A number of MSU officials were at Mason County High School including Dr. Karla Hughes, provost; Dr. Cathy Gunn, dean of the College of Education; Krista Barton, director of 21st Century Education Enterprise; Dr. Dan Connell, assistant vice president of adult education and college access; and Tim Rhodes, admissions liaison for school and alumni relations.

MSU’s 21st Century Education Enterprise worked during the summer with teachers providing professional development.

“We have been working on this for the past five or six years, it is really exciting that it has finally worked out. Our students are going to have the resources now not only as school but beyond the school day,” said Kermit Belcher, assistant superintendent of Mason County.

“It is an exciting time for every student to have this opportunity. Our teachers have done a wonderful job working with Morehead State on professional development. I really think this will transform education in the Mason County system.”

Students will use the iPads throughout the school day, and for a small fee are able to take them home.

This project is a partnership between the 21st Century Education Enterprise and Mason County School District, which proposes to increase the use of effective technology integration.

Additional information is available by calling Barton at 606-783-2393.