The Daniel Boone National Forest is seeking public comments and hosting an open house for a project called the Cave Run Lake Non-motorized Trails Initiative. During the open house, resource management specialists will be available to discuss the project and to take questions from those who attend. The agency will use the public comments received to help guide proposed trail management activities. The public comment period ends on Dec. 18.

“We want the public to have every opportunity to take part in this project as we continue to serve our recreational trail users in the Cave Run Lake area,” said Forest Supervisor Frank Beum. “It is important to us to provide a sustainable multiple-use trail system in balance with environmental resources and in the interest of our forest visitors. We look forward to the participation of the various groups and individuals who enjoy the trails on national forest lands.”

The trails project involves approximately 75 miles of existing Forest Service maintained trails near Cave Run Lake, including a portion of the Sheltowee Trace National Recreation Trail. Most of these trails were hand constructed in the 1960s and 70s, specifically for hiking. Since that time, the trail use has increased to include horseback riding and bicycling. Many of the trails do not meet the appropriate width or grade guidelines for equestrian or bicycle use.

Forest management officials met with interested groups and individuals in January 2008 to determine some of the issues regarding the Cave Run Lake trail system. This led to a series of meetings among the various user groups regarding concerns and user conflicts along the trails. The Forest Service has developed a proposed action to address these issues and ideas while considering potential environmental impacts on natural resources.

The open house will be held at the Morehead Conference Center in Morehead, on Monday, Nov. 23 from 3 to 7 p.m. All interested parties are encouraged to attend. For more information, call 784-6428.