We are excited for all genealogy and historical researchers. We have a new microfilm reader/printer that is AMAZING!

The ST ViewScan III microfilm reader/printer is a new high resolution tool for researchers that can do so much more than the typical microfilm reader/printer. Users can quickly scan the newspaper’s masthead, headlines, and folio (page’s number, section, and date).

Users can zoom in tight for details of the article, and even crop the images and save for later at the bottom in the Image Bin.

The images can be saved in many different formats to multiple locations including, email, Google Drive, Dropbox, and USB. And you still have the option to print it if you prefer.

And just like a car, you can set the View Scan III to cruise control and sit back and let it save all the images on one whole roll of film to the Image Bin and then save all of them to your device. Or clean out the ones you do not want before saving.

The ViewScan III can be controlled by either the film control keys on the carrier or by a standard mouse. The keyboard is handy with the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability, which makes it word-searchable.

This is exciting because you can now search an entire roll of microfilm for one family surname, for example. No more scrolling forward, reading up and down the page of the newspaper for the family surname, scroll forward again, etc.

There are three levels of operation: Simple, Standard and Advanced. Simple will let the user view and print images. The Standard will view, scan, simple editing, email and print. The Advanced does everything – view, scan, print, advanced editing such as cropping and image adjustments, annotations, email, and scan to USB.

The optional Research Assistant tools (included in the Advanced option) let you further edit captured images and add notes and highlight information.

There is also a tool in the Advanced option called ClipMerge. If you have ever had an article continue to a second page of the microfilm roll, you can now combine two or more scans together onto one page using this ClipMerge tool.

Please plan on coming in to see the ST ViewScan III in our Kentucky/Genealogy Room and while you are here make sure to look at all of the wonderful resources we have available in our Kentucky/Genealogy collection.

If you need assistance, please ask for the staff that are trained on the ST ViewScan III to help you.

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