MSU ADUC topping off ceremony

Mindy Highley, assistant vice president of alumni relationships and development, signed her name in celebration of ADUC’s “topping off” following the Board meeting. (Photo by Megan Smedley)


Due to incorrect information provided by Morehead State, the former golf course property Sunny Brook is 120 acres, not 200 as reported on Tuesday. The MSU Board of Regents voted last week to sell the land.

MOREHEAD - The Morehead State University Board of Regents voted Thursday to sell Sunny Brook Golf Course and two other properties owned by the university.

The golf course is located on US 60 and includes approximately 200 acres, which was previously used as a 9-hole golf course.

The university closed the golf course in 2006 after the purchase of Eagle Trace Golf Course.

Sunny Brook was used as a public golf course and driving range from 1965 until 2006.

“By eliminating these properties, we get out of the need to mow them, to keep them updated, to insure them, and with no foreseeable use of the properties, we believe it makes sense to put them on the market and try to get some revenue from them,” said Beth Patrick, vice president of administration and fiscal services.

MSU President Dr. Jay Morgan says this is not a fire sale.

“This is not a sale under duress. All three of these properties are non contiguous to our campus, and in some cases are several miles away,” said Morgan. “We deemed them as not in our long-term strategic use.”

He added, “I don’t foresee any long-term use for these properties.”

Along with Sunny Brook, the Board voted to sell the former Corbie Ellington Post 126 of the American Legion building and property.

The building is located adjacent to the north side of the Kentucky Center for Traditional Music between Bishop Avenue and Trumbo Avenue.

The property was approved for purchase in June 2012 and includes approximately 0.3 acres and a 3,500-square-foot building previously used by the American Legion Post 126.

The Board also voted to sell a four acre lot located in front of the university's office of Procurement offices and warehouse.

The property is located near the junction of KY 32 and Cranston Road and is the location of the former Dykes Tobacco Warehouse.

The university purchased the building and land in 2009 for $1.3 million.

The building on the property will continue to house the MSU Office of Procurement.

The state will have to approve the Board’s decision to sell the three properties before they can be put on the market.

The Board also heard the final enrollment and housing report for the fall, which included a headcount of 10,584, down from 10,748 last fall.

There are currently 2,841 students living on campus, which is up from 2,749 last year.

The Board also heard the first quarter financial report, which included an update on the Lappin Hall Cooling Replacement Project.

The project was funded by the monies the university received in 2016 when the Supreme Court of Kentucky ruled that Gov. Matt Bevin could not make his proposed cuts to state universities by executive order, claiming the cuts were necessary to replenish the state’s pension system.

In March 2016, the university implemented unpaid furloughs to offset the $2.6 million budget cut, which was overturned the following fall, when Bevin was ordered to return the money to the colleges and universities.

The cooling system project scope increased $54,000 due to the rental of a temperature chiller in August and September, making the total over $1.7 million.

The project is now complete.

Dr. Morgan also spoke to the Board regarding the six properties scheduled to be razed over the university’s Christmas break.

The project has been put out to bid, and university leaders are currently evaluating the bids.

According to Morgan, staff are actively moving to new locations on campus, more conducive to the university footprint.

He says he hopes to have the majority of the project complete before students return to campus in January.

The six properties included are the Phillips House and Alumni Center, which house alumni, development, and communications and marketing; the Bell House, which houses Career Services; the Brumagen House, which houses International Student Services; the Blair House, which houses the Center of Regional Engagement; and the Honors house, which houses the honors program.

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