A Morehead woman who was reported missing for more than three weeks has been found in California and has since been returned home.

Serena Ross, 18, was returned to her family nearly two weeks ago after the San Diego Police Department located her after she was reported missing from Rowan County around Aug. 29.

Earlier that month, the Morehead Police Department identified Trcore Grant, 26, also of Morehead, as a man accused of exposing himself to multiple women at Walmart and Burke’s Outlet in Morehead.

Grant, with a criminal history of burglary in Rowan County and larceny in Virginia, was highly sought after by the MPD with the understanding that he was fleeing the area, Ross was his girlfriend, and they were traveling together.

Ross’ mother, who said she nor family had spoken to Serena in longer than a week at the time, reached out to The Morehead News with concerns about her daughter stating, “This isn’t like Serena at all. She always calls the people that she loves.”

The mother said her concerns were what Grant would do if Ross wanted to turn herself in.

After a missing person’s report was filed, the MPD used technology to track the couple and their movements.

MPD Chief Derrick Blevins said they tracked the two from Morehead to Northern Kentucky, Indiana, Texas, then to California.

Eventually, officers were able to use that equipment to help California law enforcement locate Grant’s vehicle in San Diego about two doors down from where Ross was located unharmed about a week later.

Blevins said it does appear that she was being held against her will, but thankfully Ross is now back home with her family and is, “doing really well.”

Multiple charges are now pending on Grant in San Diego, on top of those already in Rowan County.

As of press time on Tuesday, Grant had not been arrested.

The MPD had previously pressed charges on Ross for harboring a fugitive and lying to police for her actions at the beginning of the “flasher” investigation.

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