Last Saturday was Joe Calvert's final day of work at the Morehead post office.

Calvert, who has worked for the United States Postal Service for 40 years, began his career for the Morehead post office when he was 18 years old.

He took the civil service exam when he was a freshman at Morehead State University, and began working for the post office immediately.

He says his dad, Bill, was a mail carrier for the same route, and advised him against pursuing the career.

Calvert delivers mail on Route 3, which runs up Christy Creek toward Elliott County.

Shann Porter, carrier supervisor, says, “We are going to miss him. He was an excellent carrier, and all around good to work with.”

“The customers love him. I have never gotten a complaint. He took pride in his route,” Porter added.

Porter says that once Calvert leaves the position, the job will be posted, and the other carriers will have an opportunity to take it.

Calvert says he has been able to watch his customers' children and grandchildren grow up.

“It is unheard of for people to work the same job for 40 years. People always jump from job to job,” Porter says.

Calvert, who has lived in Rowan County his entire life, says he is looking forward to retirement.

“I will miss it, but I am ready to spend more time with my grandkids and catch up on projects around the house.”

He says he offered to babysit his grandchildren when the first one was born, but he doesn't plan to watch all of them at once.

“I think it would be easier to work,” Calvert says, jokingly.

Calvert and his wife, Donna, have one daughter and two grandchildren. His daughter is currently expecting his third grandchild.

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