A Morehead man accused of racially charged vandalism has been indicted by a Rowan County grand jury.

Jeffery Masters, 20, was indicted on Jan. 19 for first-degree criminal mischief.

The charge is defined as, “when he having not the right to do, intentionally defaced, destroyed, or damaged any property and caused loss of $1,000 or more.”

The indictment says Masters spray painted graffiti on homes and vehicles in the McClure Circle area and set fire to tires and other items belonging to Josh and Teela Burkes.

On Saturday, Sept. 30, several Morehead citizens in the McClure Circle area off North Wilson Avenue were awaken to multiple cases of vandalism.

A bass boat had been spray painted black, a truck had been damaged, along with tires that had been burned.

The disturbing vandalism was the painting of a house of two African-American Morehead State students with a racial slur. An anti-Semitic symbol was also painted.

The Morehead Police Department named Masters a person of interest after a month-long investigation and he admitted to the crime after speaking with police.

MPD Detective Ben Castle, lead officer on the case, told the media that Masters had admitted he was intoxicated and believed that led him to the vandalism.

Masters will appear in Rowan Circuit Court on March 2, for a pretrial conference.

Criminal mischief in the first degree is a Class D felony, subject to one to five years in prison.

If convicted, a hate charge crime could also be added, extending his sentence.

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