Vincent family

Mary Kay, Christopher, and Alyssa Vincent loading firewood to deliver to a person who is unable to get their own. (Photo courtesy of James Vincent)

James Vincent and his children are trying to start a non-profit to help elderly persons in the community.

He said that his family moved to Rowan County four years ago and over time he began to notice a lack of organizations that help the elderly in their homes, so he decided to start a non-profit group to do just that.

Vincent is calling it the Wolf Foundation.

Wolf was his nickname when he served in the military.

“Right now we’re trying to get started and get running but we’re working with some local businesses to identify people who need help and trying to see what we can do for them,” said Vincent. “There’s a lot of agencies here if you can get to them but there’s no one who goes to see if people have heat or a safe place to live. So we started the Wolf Foundation to help bridge that gap. We started the foundation itself a couple weeks ago but we’ve been doing stuff on our own for years.”

He said that when he lived in Maryland he and his children, Christopher, Mary Kay, and Alyssa, were active with the USO, going to airports to greet and prepare food bags for U.S. troops coming home from overseas.

Vincent said he also was part of an organization that delivered presents to needy children on Christmas morning.

The four main areas that the Wolf Foundation plans to focus for now will be basic home repairs, help with heating, yard maintenance, and help with deliveries.

And although the individual who needs a service doesn’t owe the foundation anything, Vincent said donations are needed and appreciated.

“It’s going to take a good bit of money to get rolling. Just to file for our tax-exempt non-profit status is $750,” Vincent said. “There are some tools that I have but there’s still some that we need. In the long term I’d like to get a bigger truck that’s four-wheel drive with a snow plow. But the biggest things we need right now are money for tax-exempt non-profit status and fuel and maybe a snow blower.”

He said the group has some donation jars in a few area businesses and a GoFundMe page.

“We are very concerned about other people and my kids especially are very giving. The girls put up part of their Christmas money to pay for things the foundation needed. They want other people to have things, too. And I’ve put what little money I’ve had into it,” he said. “Some people just need someone to stop by and say, ‘Hi.’ That would make a world of difference to them. Others want a nicer yard or some home repairs but can’t do it themselves or afford to pay someone to do it.”

Vincent can be contacted by calling or texting 207-4026, through Facebook, or by email at

Donations can also be made at

He said if persons don’t feel comfortable calling him they should call the Rowan County Sheriff’s Department to let them know there’s a need and allow them to decide how to best follow up.

Larry DeHart can be reached at or by telephone at 784-4116.

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