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December 12, 2012

The Lane Report profiles SSC and Kentucky Space

Dec. 12, 2012 — Among the special facilities built into Space Science Center at Morehead State University is an anechoic chamber where electromagnetic waves do not reflect for testing satellites systems and other devices the Kentucky Space program builds.

Every 88 minutes since shortly after a September rocket launch in California, a high-tech nanosatellite built in Morehead by members of the Kentucky Space program passes overhead at 17,500 mph in low Earth orbit. Small enough to fit in one hand, it holds enough advanced microelectronics to create and store power, orient its orbit, gather data and transmit info every 30 seconds for receipt by its makers.

During each orbit bringing the CXBN above the sky horizon of a ridge near downtown Morehead, a nine-story, 21-meter radio telescope manned by Kentucky Space faculty and students precisely swivels its huge white dish, intently listening for data.

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