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March 19, 2013

Cave Run Lake is Kentucky's top muskie fishing destination

03/19/13 — Cave Run Lake has been Kentucky's top muskellunge fishing destination since the lake first reached summer pool in 1974.

The lake's reputation was built on its rugged beauty and its accessibility, lying just minutes south of Interstate 64. The sheer number of quality muskellunge produced through the decades also bolstered Cave Run's reputation.

March is the traditional start of muskie fishing on the 8,270-acre reservoir in Daniel Boone National Forest, stretching across Bath, Menifee, Rowan and Morgan counties.

“When water temperatures start to rise into the 40s, muskies go into spawning mode and move into the shallows at the heads of creeks," said Tony Grant, a muskie fishing guide on Cave Run Lake since 1989. “They are drawn to waters running into the lake.”

Anglers look for stained water because it's often a few degrees warmer. The influx of nutrients attracts shad and other baitfish. Some of the best areas of the lake to fish in early spring are Warix Run, Caney Creek and Scott Creek, which have broad shallow mud flats that warm up fast on sunny days.

Grant fishes downsized lures when the water is still cold; mostly lipless crankbaits with loud rattles, such as the one-ounce Rattlin' Shad or Rat' L Trap.

As the water warms up into the 50s, he casts 5- to 6-inch shallow-running crankbaits and up to 11/2 - ounce spinnerbaits. "Later in the spring muskies begin to move out onto the mid-creek points, and eventually to the main lake," said Grant. "They get deeper as the warm weather progresses."

Every spring the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources samples the lake's muskie population by electrofishing.

“Through the years we've found that muskies are distributed throughout all sections of the lake in March,” said Fred Howes, northeastern fisheries biologist for Kentucky Fish and Wildlife. “We find excellent numbers of 30-inch and larger muskies.”

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