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June 19, 2012

Daddy/daughter bond extends to business

June 19, 2012 — “Born and raised in Rowan County...” Carole Perry Stewart said with a smile.  The owner of Daddy’s Daughter Outlet remembered hearing her daddy say this a number of times.

       Located at 106 West Main Street since April, Carole and Donnie Stewart started this business about three years ago.

       “The name of the store is in memory of my daddy, I was definitely a daddy’s daughter,” Carole said.

       The building that her business is currently located in is about 100 years old. The interesting part? Her dad, Russell Perry, owned Perry’s Hardware Shop for 70 years in the same location.

       “He could fix anything that anyone handed to him. If he needed a part for a gun and it was too expensive, he would just make it himself,” Carole said proudly. “I had very talented parents that inspired me to open my own business.”

       Carole’s mother, Ruth Perry, made dolls as a hobby.

       “My mom would even design the clothes for the dolls she made. I have over 200 of her dolls, some are right here in the store.” Carole said, as she showed a couple of the dolls.

       Throughout the store there are cabinets, shelves, and other décor that was once in her daddy’s shop so many years ago. Many of the items are more than 80 years old, and still in great shape.

       “I had wanted to do something like this for a long time. At first Donnie thought I was crazy, but I had already made up my mind,” Carole said laughing.

       Daddy’s Daughter Outlet has an antique and “homey” atmosphere.

       “I’ve tried to use as much stuff that my daddy and other family members have used in the store,” Carole said. “Every piece of furniture has a different background.”

       Carole remembered the way her daddy handled his business and how well he did.

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