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July 17, 2009

New clinic to help addicts

SelfRefind therapy uses Suboxone

Opiates. It’s become a word of despair and even death to friends and family members living and dealing with drug addicted loved ones. But to the addict – The Opiate such as oxycodone is everything – and it seems to be all that matters.

But hope might be just down the street as the SelfRefind Clinic is opening the doors in Morehead to drug addicts who have lost everything – or on the verge – and ready to redefine their lives with the use of Suboxone®.

Suboxone (containing naloxone and burprenorphine) is the first opioid-based medication used to treat dependence on opiates such as oxycodone, heroin, morphine, Vicodin® and codeine.

Suboxone was introduced in the European market in 2003 to reduce illegal opiate use and to ease individuals off opiate addiction with a partial opioid agonist, generating a milder effect.

Dr. Bryan Wood and Dr. Robin Peavler are veteran emergency room physicians and the founders of the clinic. Wood, 18 years in the ER, and Peavler, 21 years in the ER, have become qualified to prescribe Suboxone by undergoing an eight-hour training course to obtain a waiver.

“The phrase we hear most often is, ‘I got my life back,’ and that alone is justification for all we do,” Wood said Thursday. “Not to mention the fact that our patients are returned to healthy, normal lives. They rejoin their families, go back to work and become productive members of society, often for the first times in years. Addiction causes people to lie and steal from the people they love, and it costs them their jobs, friendships and their families. If left untreated, it ultimately costs them their lives. I will say I’ve saved more lives in the past two years with Suboxone than I did in the entire 18 years I worked in the ER.”

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