The Morehead News

March 23, 2007

Have cats spayed or neutered

The editor:

One day a scrawny little calico kitten wandered on my porch and it was searching for food and water. My sister picked the cat up and went to show my mom and asked her if she could keep the cat. Fortunately, my mom said yes. The cat is really old now and has lived a good life. Not all stray cats are this lucky. If pet owners would spay or neuter their cats there would not be as many strays. I really want the people of Rowan County to spay or neuter their cats and be responsible cat owners.

If we will all spay or neuter our cats it would lower the cat population a lot. There is no place in Rowan County for stray cats to go. The closest place for stray cats to go is the Humane Society in Lexington. The number of stray cats keeps going up and up. The problems strays cause is rising also. Stray cats can spread diseases such as leukemia, rabies and Aids, and cat distemper. The problem is stray cats will spread diseases to our pet cats. Another problem is that non-neutered and non-spayed cats produce unwanted kittens, sometimes in our backyards. Then we have to become responsible for them and it can be too many cats to keep up with.

My teacher has two cats and there is a stray cat that comes up in her yard and eats her cats’ food. My dad had to throw a shoe at a stray cat because we could not get it away from my cats and their food. Unwanted stray cats are a problem for responsible pet owners.

The spaying cost for a female cat is $93.75. The neutering cost for a male cat is $56.25. The rabies shots cost $47.50. The Leukemia and Aids shots cost $15 each.

I realize that this is a lot of money, but it would help save many cats if people would be responsible for their cats and get them spayed or neutered. If you are a responsible owner you know how it feels if stray cats come to your yard and you have to take care of them. If you would PLEASE get your cats spayed or neutered there will be less cats getting killed by the pound.


Autumn Eldridge

4th grade student

McBrayer Elementary